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Vinyasa Yoga

Join Claire for a live, interactive, online vinyasa yoga class. This class incorporates calming breath work and yoga poses intended to support resilience and flexibility in body and mind. You will explore a dynamic flow of yoga poses that invite mindful inquiry of your inner experience. Expect to leave class feeling more grounded, connected and open-hearted.


Suitable for all levels including beginners to yoga. If you have specific needs please reach out to Claire.

This class can be booked as a single 'drop in' session or as a block for the season. The season block includes a discount, and is intended to support you in maintaining consistency in your practice.

What to Expect

Online Yoga Waiver

Vinyasa - Booking
Vinyasa - What to Expect



We will be coming together to practice using Zoom video conferencing. You will only need to download this once to be able to participate in all classes with me. Invitations to join via Zoom link will be emailed to you 24 hours before class starts Don't worry if you book within 24 hours  - you'll still get your link!


In addition to guiding you through your yoga practice, I will also be looking for opportunities to help you and others to discover modifications as needed and deepen your experience. Any expectations, unique conditions, or special requests you share with me will be woven into our class.


Each class begins with introductions to foster a sense of community. Share how you're feeling and what you're looking for from class. 


This could be your new favorite way to practice yoga. It's affordable. You get interactive guidance and community support right in your own home. You have total freedom of movement in the space around you. You may find yourself more in-tune with your mind and body.

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