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Perinatal Yoga Teacher Training

  • Demonstrate integration of preparation work through your active participation in live session

  • Observe 6 live (virtual or in-person) prenatal yoga classes outside of the pre-recorded content hours

  • Work with a small group on a collaborative project between live modules

  • Build a referral network of perinatal health and wellness professionals

  • Complete the 'application of knowledge' quiz for each module

  • Teach a 60 minute prenatal class at the culmination of your training

How will the training be delivered?

For the live sessions we will work together using Zoom video conferencing. You will need access to a camera and a reliable internet connection. Please ensure that these hours are set aside to immerse yourself in the training and that distraction is at a minimum.

Can I take this training if I am pregnant?

Yes – this is a great training to take during pregnancy.

What happens if I miss some of the training?

Please plan to be present for all the training hours - we cannot guarantee graduation from the program if live hours are missed or you have not completed the required preparation for each module. Missed hours can be made up in one-to-one sessions charged at a private class rate. 

Does this training qualify me to be a Yoga Alliance Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher (RPYT)?

This training is a a Yoga Alliance registered 85hr Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training.  In order to fulfill the requirements for the RPYT designation you are required to hold a 200hr yoga teacher training certificate and then to teach 30 hours of prenatal yoga after completion of this training, . The pathway to becoming registered with Yoga Alliance as an RPYT is detailed here.

Do you offer tuition scholarships?

There are scholarships available for this training.
Special consideration is given for scholarship applications from Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) and those expecting to serve vulnerable or marginalized populations. In the US there is significant racial disparity in birth outcomes for both mothers and babies – with higher maternal and infant mortality rates in black women - who are 2 times more likely to die in childbirth than white women. Research has shown that the underlying causes of this disparity are chronic oppression and systemic racism. Everyone has their part to play in dismantling both direct and institutionalized racism and this is addressed as part of this training with regard to the yoga space and birth-work.
You can find references and learn more about the racial disparities in maternal and infant mortality and health here:

Please email Claire to discuss the scholarship application.

What will I need to do outside of the live sessions?

You will be required to engage with the pre-recorded content, listen to the assigned podcasts and complete pre-reading assignments as preparation before each live module. Expect to allow approximately 10-15 hours of preparation for each module. In addition trainees are required to:

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