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Spring 2024

4 modules beginning May 2024

'Nurturing connection - nourishing body, mind and spirit.'


Are you ready to take a comprehensive training that will give you the tools to use the practices of yoga to support people through preconception, pregnancy, birth and beyond?

Join Claire Sandberg, specialist Perinatal Yoga Teacher, for a deep dive into all things perinatal yoga. Topics include:

  • In depth Perinatal Anatomy and Physiology 

  • Trauma-Conscious Perinatal Yoga

  • Inclusion of all Pregnant People and Birthing Bodies in Perinatal Spaces

  • Postnatal Core Anatomy: how to use breath work and yoga asana safely and effectively 

  • Reproductive Identity - learn to craft classes that support body, mind and soul

  • Energetics and Yoga Philosophy 

  • Meditation, Mantra, Mudra and Visualization 

  • Mindfulness for the Perinatal Phase

  • Self Awareness + Self Care for the Perinatal Yoga Teacher


Tuition scholarships available – see the FAQ page for information.

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ONLINE TRAINING UPDATE: Together, but apart. This Teacher Training is approved by Yoga Alliance to be delivered in a fully online format and meets all requirements for the 85hr Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training.


Describing Claire in a short review is challenging -- I need a full essay to highlight how wonderful she is!. Claire is a professional, an experienced yogi, an intentional teacher, a human-library of information, a careful and clear communicator, and a joyful friend. She is open-minded, playful, and a supportive skilled advocate for all things pre-post natal. Her teaching strength lies in her expansive knowledge and experience, a belief in the healing practice of yoga, and her tireless work ethic . She has a passion for the holistic well-being of her students, their future students, and the teachers she is equipping. Claire creates a learning environment where students' unique background and goals are integrated into the class. Students are inspired to challenge themselves to explore new information in a safe, respectful, and open space. Claire's program goes above and beyond any standard curriculum. I am a better yogi because of her. Her teachings echo through my practice still.

Sheri Spisak

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Virtual Training

A completely online, interactive, Yoga Alliance certified training opportunity in Spring 2024:

Runs May - June dates confirming soon!

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If you are a studio owner interested in finding out whether the Nurture and Nourish Perinatal Yoga Teacher Training is a good fit for your community then we'd love to hear from you. Get in touch to explore the available options.

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