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The way you experience childbirth is something that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Investing your time and energy in understanding what to expect in birth, and the options that are available to you, can deeply influence both how you birth and how you feel about your birth. Whilst we can not know how each birth will unfold, when we have the confidence to share in decision-making and pursue what feels right for us we can come away from birth feeling empowered and ready for the challenges, complexities and the boundless love of parenthood.

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'Yoga & Mindfulness for Labor & Birth' is a workshop that focuses on integrating the wisdom of yoga and mindfulness into the journey of birth. This is a foundation in understanding the experience of birth, with a focus on sensations, coping strategies, thoughts and feelings, and movement and breath for all types of labor. It is not a masterclass in 'how birth will happen to you'. Claire's emphasis is on sharing information in an engaging and open way that encourages dialogue and allows space for you to explore your questions and concerns around birth. 


The workshop is not intended to be for any specific type of birth, these classes will equip you for however your birth unfolds. If you expect to have a partner with you at your birth it is helpful to have them join you at the workshop so they can understand and assist you with using the techniques we cover. Everyone is welcome!

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In this workshop Claire has integrated yoga and mindfulness with a deep understanding of the physiology of birth, the workings of the mind during the birth journey and her experience working as a physician and anesthesiologist in hospital based birth settings. She has taken further training with Spinning Babies to more deeply understand the importance of movement and mother-baby position in the birth process. Claire is also certified by Lamaze International to teach childbirth education. Lamaze is the leading provider of evidence-based education preparing women and their families with the knowledge, skills and support they need to give birth with confidence.

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  • Brief overview of the phases of birth

  • Understanding pain and comfort measures and coping strategies you can use for the sensations of labor and birth

  • The importance of the mind-body connection in birth

  • Movement in labor and positions for birthing and why it matters!

  • Basic massage techniques

  • Which essential oils to use and how

  • Visualization, mantra, sound and more!

Yoga & Mindfulness for Labor & Birth is currently being offered online by interactive livestream

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